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Name:Tavros Nitram
Name: Esteem

Form: A bright red cape that is very easy to tear. It has to be worn for the upgrades to take effect.

  • Paralysis: specifically targets the legs and feet of a person.
  • Fire Element
  • Dual Wielding
  • Flight
  • Supporting Role: If dual wielding, all of the other weapon's stats enjoy a large boost. Additionally, when this ability is equipped, all of this weapon's upgrade rings apply instead to the other weapon. This means, for example, an elemental upgrade will connect with the other weapon. It allows it to be relevant without actually attacking with the weapon containing Supporting Role.

Lost memories:
  • 1 - That he killed his lusus by accident.
  • 2 - Gamzee's implied to be red feelings.
  • 3 - That Vriska wanted him to kill her.
  • 4 - What happened to Vriska's arm.
  • 5 - How to play Fiduspawn.
  • 6 - The name he gave his self-esteem, Rufio.
  • 7 - What grist is.
  • 8 - How he lost use of his legs.
  • 9 - His blood color.
  • 10 - That you're not supposed to eat sopor.
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